We provide our customers with a variety of resources to help them navigate the world of real estate. Some of the tools we offer include market reports, home valuation services, a mortgage calculator, and a property organizer. These tools allow the members of our community to determine the value of their home, to know when and where they should be looking for a home, to manage their finances, and to keep track of the homes they are interested in. Learn more about the resources we provide, below!

Market Reports

Our up-to-date market reports give you important information about the status of the markets in the surrounding areas. Whether you’re looking for a home in Vail, Frisco, Silverthorne, Taos, Winter Park, or any of the other beautiful areas in the Colorado Rocky Mountain real estate market, we have accurate information about the markets there.

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Home Valuation

Selling your home for what it’s worth is always the best choice. That way, everybody involved gets a fair deal and you have a higher chance of selling your home quickly. It can be difficult to know just how valuable your home is, so that is why we offer our home valuation tool to help you decide. Of course, it is just an estimation, but it is based on thousands of records that we have in our database, so the estimations are fairly accurate. For the most accurate home value estimation, it is best to have a property inspector visit your home.

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Mortgage Calculator

We understand that buying a home is a complicated process. Often, one of the most confusing aspects is also one of the most important: the finances. Using our mortgage calculator, you can get a good estimate of how much your monthly payments will be, depending on a number of variables. You can also estimate how much your payments would change if one of those variables were changed. These are only a few of the important things that our mortgage calculator shows:

  • How much your monthly payment will be.
  • The suggested amount you should pay as a down payment.
  • When you are scheduled to have paid off the loan in full.
  • How much money you will pay per month, per year, and over the course of the whole loan.

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Property Organizer

Our property organizer tool allows you to keep track of the houses you have looked at and are interested in. Using our tool makes finding your perfect home much easier, as it allows you to refer back to the houses you’ve seen, compare houses to each other, and make a list of all of the potential candidates.

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